Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Fun

When my parents were visiting they bought us popsicles. Not the cheap kind, but the real Popsicle brand that have the jokes on the sticks. My kids have been begging and begging me for the past 3 weeks to eat them. After a few broken promises I finally let them have them today at 10:30AM while the porch was still shaded. Their love was renewed towards me.

Even Rachel got her own Popsicle.

Of course the Popsicles had to be earned. Each child scrubbed his or her own kitchen chair.
They did a Fantasik job!

"I heart sweet treats"

I think I've bribed my kids with just about each of the sweet treats on her shirt this week, except for the cupcake. Maybe we'll do that one next week. I have to say, it's been quite successful. We've got a lot of cleaning done this week.

Bradley can't resist spraying the hose when he's outside despite that fact that we've told him over and over not to play with the hose. But how can you deny a little boy a garden hose? They are just so much fun! Thankfully we've had a lot of rain the past couple of weeks and we can afford to waste some water. But it wasn't totally wasted. It helped clean the Popsicle drips off of Rachel.

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Now for some good Popsicle humor:
Post your answer in the comments.

What animal unlocked the farm gate?

What does a mallard use to fix everything?


  1. i've got a few answers for you...

    walter: the cow
    elise(my niece): this is stupid!
    me: donkey

    walter: his bill
    elise: that's a good answer...his bill...his money
    me: 'duck' tape

  2. Amber is smart! The actual answer was "turkey" but I think donkey is more farmish anyway. And duck tape was right! Ding ding ding ding ding! You are a winner!

  3. Oh man, popsicles! I'll have to see if they exist in the UK.

  4. How would I ever get most of the work done around the house without gum, popsicolds, icecream... My latest is if the kids pass off a requirement in their Faith in God, Duty to God or other church thing they get a candy bar. I bought the 14 dollar box of assorted full size bars and walahhh interest in getting those done is at an all time high.