Thursday, July 26, 2007

I decided to be a good mom today and offer the kids the option of playing with Play-doh. They enthusiastically shouted with a "Yeah!" Then Bradley informed me that Daddy had some Play-doh and that he kept it in his closet.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There are moments when I roll my eyes at my own life, my life as a pregnant stay-at-home-mom of 5 small children. Our home is for sale and we could get a phone call at any moment with the perfect buyer waiting to check out our house. Today I decided to clean out the family room cupboards and toss anything that was unnecessary. Of course most of it was necessary such as diapers, Pull-ups, wipes, hair bows, empty Plug-ins, Bed, Bath, Beyond coupons, etc. I think I managed to toss an old Pottery Barn Kids catalog and a couple old business cards. As my stomach started to growl and the hunger headache set in, I looked at the clock and noticed it was indeed 12:00pm and time to start the pot of water for some store brand macaroni and cheese. Then Emily asked me, "What are we going to do today?" So I satisfied her with some shopping in my closet to find a gift for the birthday party we were going to attend for a 4 year old girlfriend. We managed to find a Kelly Doll game and some Disney Princess stuff and we wrapped it as the macaroni boiled on the stove. The kids ate lunch, I made the baby a bottle and put him in his crib with only a pajama top and diaper and arrived downstairs to discover a confused, potty-training two year old pointing to the nicely formed fresh poop on the seat of her high chair. I took her to the potty and we performed the flushing and washing of hands ceremony. As we returned to the living area, I salivated as I walked past the red Silo cup of strawberry smoothie that I blended minutes ago to supplement and wash down the remnants of macaroni and cheese that I scavenged from each of the kids bowls. Finally the two year is down for her nap and now I can relax as I sip my smoothie, record the day and listen to the the three remaining children argue over what DVD to watch. In a moment I will unpack the suitcase of clothes that has been sitting in my van since our return home from vacation two weeks ago.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bradley is a smart kid, but he refuses to believe that pulling stuff from behind his ears is just a trick. Tonight he was looking for a particular Duplo block so he went up to Daddy and asked for it and requested that Daddy check behind his ear. Sure enough it was there and Bradley graciously accepted it and sat back down in his spot to continue playing. The kid can read, the kid can do math, but he fails the test of simple logic.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bradley came up to me with a heart shaped box turned upside down and said to me, "Mommy, what shape is this?" I gave the obvious response and said, "A butt." He cracked up and went running to Emily and said, "Emily, Mommy said this shape looks like a butt." A bit surprised at their response of hysterics, I asked, "What shape would you call it?" Then Emily responded, "I would call it a spade." I suppose she is right.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby #6 has a heartbeat and appears to resemble a baby. The days of husband attending ultrasound appointment and ooing and ahhing over the alien-like fetus are over. I have to go it alone with 5 young 'uns at home for husband to watch. The technician handed me the flimsy "first picture of baby" and I carefully placed it in my People magazine as if I was going right home to paste it in the scrapbook that I have been preparing for the precious new arrival. I have finally gotten real with my child documentation and faced the truth that there will be no more baby books beyond child 4. This is it kids. My blog is your baby book and you will even have to accept the stock image ultrasound photo that I found online because I am too lazy to walk out to the the car to get my magazine. (like you could even tell the difference.) I still love you like crazy!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The kids took a long time to settle down in bed tonight. We put them to bed at about 9:00pm and they were still going strong till 11:00pm. I walked upstairs and eavesdropped at the door. Emily was asleep, but Sarah was pestering Bradley with Super Mickey and shouting "I go pee pee on you!" It would crack Bradley up, but he was trying hard to be obedient and go to sleep as his Daddy warned him. He said, "Sarah, we need to go to sleep before the sun comes up or we will be grumpy." She kept pestering him with her pee pee Mickey. Then he threatened her with, "Sarah, stop the noise or I will sleep on your pillow." She didn't stop. Although he kept cracking up at the pretend urinating Mickey, he finally warned, "Sarah, if you make one more noise, I am going to throw a hard thing at your face." The room became silent and they quickly fell asleep.