Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I've Been Threatened

Ok, so I've officially been threatened. I got an email today that read:

"When will you blog again? If you don't blog soon I won't be your follower anymore. :) So please blog soon." 

I was so glad that my daughter, Emily, used a punctuation smiley face because I was really scared for a moment. But sadly, her threat did spark me to blog tonight. Yay!

So what exactly has prevented me from blogging lately? I've been busy with stuff. Not major important stuff. But stuff. How about I list it here.

Let's see, the last time I blogged was March 3 and it was a post about the day after Valentine's Day, which means I'm about 5 weeks behind or so? 

  • First of all I had the very important task of removing the wallpaper from our bathroom. The wallpaper was 14 years old and some kids had picked at it while sitting on the toilet. I was growing sick of it, so I took it down in the matter of a few hours one Saturday afternoon 

It's approaching two months later and it still looks like this. I'm anxious to get it painted. I'm thinking turquoise. Or has Bradley would pronounce it, "turkeys."
  • The Wednesday after I took the wallpaper down, I bought some wood so I could do a board and batten design in my bathroom. As I was arranging the boards on the wall, one that was sitting on the toilet fell behind the toilet and completely chopped the pipe off that runs to the toilet. So, water was gushing into the house. It was a nightmare. I started hyperventilating, I yelled to my husband to shut the water off. It was 10:30 PM and he couldn't see what he was doing outside, he couldn't find a flashlight. I don't know how long the water was gushing before he finally got it shut off, but it was between 5-10 minutes and we had a good inch or two of water in a portion of our downstairs. The portion with wood floors. Thankfully our floors have a very thick varnish on them and there was very little damage. Just enough to add some character to the home and remind me to not set things on the back of the toilet.
This is my husband swooshing out the water.
  • I had my official anatomy scan on March 1 and everything looked good. Baby is still a girl. 
  • We celebrated Oreo's 100th birthday.
  • My grandmother passed away. It was rather sudden. I talked to her on the phone and had a very normal conversation, including talk of The Bachelor, with her less than a week before. I think it was a day or two after I talked to her that she fell in her apartment, possibly passed out or something and she called 911. It was a Thursday, they took her to the hospital, and she was diagnosed with pneumonia and it was all downhill from there. They had her in an ICU room with no phone so we could not contact her. She ended up passing away the following Tuesday. I think I might have to devote a whole post to this. So....to be continued....

  • Our family traveled to New York for her funeral. We kind of made a last minute vacation out of it. Again, another bullet deserving of it's own post. To be continued....
  • My husband had a birthday (his birthday was one of the days of our New York road trip.) We stopped at some friends in Maryland and Amber made David a cake. Well, actually she made a "pie" because the previous day was March 14 aka Pi Day (3.14) so we reaped the benefits of her celebrating such a mathematical holiday. I think her husband celebrated my husband's birthday a day early with a "taster slice."
  • We've been working on our garden. Hopefully I'll have more posts about this. I think it might be awesome this year. I hope...
  • We've been strawberry picking two times, picking total of 34 pounds of strawberries.
  • We watched General Conference on March 31 and April 1. That is always an enjoyable weekend.
  • Emily turned 11! Ok, so I think that is the whole reason she is urging me to blog, because she doesn't want her birthday left out. I can't believe she's 11! 
We went bowling on her birthday. I should post more pictures.

  • We celebrated Easter

  • I've been sorting through all sorts of clutter and cleaning out the kids closets. All things that are extremely time consuming. 
  • I had to file our taxes. I finally finished that last night. I don't know why I procrastinate it until April every single year. They were actually rather easy this year because I did not have to file any Schedule C's this year because my husband didn't make any side job money, which is too bad, I guess, but good because I guess that means his regular job is sufficient for our needs. 
  • So that's all for now. I REALLY hope to keep up with the posts and fill you all in on the details.