Saturday, June 06, 2009


I keep reading about how easy zucchinis are to grow. I would've thought so last week when I harvested 20 of them in about 6 days, but now they aren't looking so good. I'm thinking it might be blossom end rot? I bought some calcium stuff at Lowes to see if that works. The problem is the female blossoms are not getting very big and don't even open up. So I don't think it's a pollination problem. I just really want to get to the root of this. Here's a pic. Let me know if you have any experience with this problem. Maybe I just need to stick a little Viagra in the dirt?

Tonight I heard Rachel crying at bedtime. I thought maybe her foot was stuck in the crib. Emily is usually pretty good about fixing that for her. I waited it out before going upstairs and finally she stopped crying. Later in the evening my husband told me that they couldn't find her sippy cup before going to bed which definitely explains the crying, but later when I checked on them I saw this:

I thought that maybe it was possible that she was bothered by the five blankets, ten stuffed animals, paint roller and rubber shelf liner in her crib.

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