Friday, June 05, 2009

Green Beans

I promise only 4 more vegetables to go. My big cucumbers, my big tomatoes, my other variety of cherry tomatoes and my okra. I'm a little worried about my zucchini. They were prolific producers this past week and then it all of a sudden stopped. The female blossoms are very small and they don't grow. The male blossoms are large. I'm afraid I've spread my lack of fertility to them! Does anybody know anything about this? Do they need to rest from all that reproduction before starting to proliferate again? I picked off several aborted zucchinis the past couple of days. I've seen bees around so I know they are able to pollinate. Let me know if you know.

I read somewhere that if you grow your own vegetables, your children are more likely to eat them. Fat chance with Bradley! That kid won't touch a vegetable, but he loves ketchup. That's his vegetable.

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  1. We are growing some beans and peas and peppers in some planter boxes.. Caylee loves to help water then and watch them but she refuses to eat them as well! She did finally try a carrot stick the other day.. drenched in ranch but it was a carrot still!