Monday, June 08, 2009

Promise Keeper

For the past week or so Bradley has begged me to make pancakes for dinner. For the past week or so I've said, "We'll see." and of course it's never happened. Yesterday he persisted with his begging and I actually thought pancakes sounded good, but by the time we took naps, checked out the garden, and cleaned the dishes from lunchtime it was 9PM and spaghetti was a lot easier than pancakes. Bradley was very disappointed so I assured him we would have pancakes on Monday night. This morning immediately after he woke up, he came to my room and said, "Mommy, don't forget we are going to have pancakes for dinner tonight."

Pancakes indeed!

Science Camp Week 2: Plant Science. Today we turned the Gardenias pink.

Emily showed me a "school bag" that she packed and showed me the contents. She had a folder of artwork including some Father's Day artwork. (I don't think she planned that far ahead for Mother's Day.)

A money bag.

Some pens. She also had coloring books, a shell, a river rock, crayons, colored pencils, and another smaller bag....

The small pocket of the smaller bag included a Ken Doll head.

"Because he just smells soooo good!"
I'll have to admit Malibu Ken does have a very pleasant coconut aroma. I wouldn't mind him in my purse either.

Now tonight I'm going to attempt to tackle this:
This section of kitchen counter is a major clutter magnet.

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  1. I feel like sometimes my whole house is a clutter magnet! :(