Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

I know. I've slacked off on the blog for the past five months. Just wanted to let you know we're still alive.

Family photo after church. If you're wondering if I'm pregnant. I'm not. It's just a froofy top. It's yellow ruffles and it makes me feel like an Easter baby chick.

It's impossible to get Jason to look normal in ANY family photo:

Jazz hands!

Potty squat.

All the more reason to love him.

Heidi's first Peep. She enjoyed every sugary bite of it.

And then grabbed a handful of Easter basket grass and wondered why she couldn't get it off her hand.

The Easter Bunny usually brings Easter baskets on Sunday morning and the kids get to eat a piece of candy with their breakfast or for their breakfast. However, this year Emily, my husband, and I were singing in the choir for Easter, and we needed to be at church early. I knew if the baskets arrived in the morning, George would get a hold of some chocolate during the hustle and bustle of breakfast time and drool it on his white shirt and Easter vest. So I warned the kids that the baskets would come while we were at church.

Well, we were running late and bedrooms were A MESS and I was not happy about it because I spent all Friday morning helping them clean their rooms. So before we left for church I warned them that the Easter baskets would come after church AND after their bedrooms were picked up. In other words, I bribed them.

They were upset, especially since they didn't get their annual Sunday chocolate breakfast, so I did it. I made a huge announcement. I said, "Guess what? I am the Easter Bunny! Do you really think a bunny comes around and delivers candy?!"

Yeah, I totally wrecked it, but it wasn't a huge surprise to most of them. Also, I totally biffed it the night before. I was SO tired and ready for bed on Saturday night, that I left a few obvious pieces of evidence lying around the house to be seen by children in the morning. But seriously, I've seen awkward and rather creepy pictures of children sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap, so I do not have a problem with my children knowing he's a fraud.

The good news is that the bedrooms got cleaned up. The plastic eggs got hidden and found. The chocolate and Peeps got eaten and we ended up having a wonderful day at church and at home celebrating the day of Christ's resurrection regardless of what time the Easter baskets arrived.

Knowing I will have a resurrected body someday after I die is a very comforting concept. No more sickness, no more pain. Simply a perfect body, hopefully without having to do any sort of celestial P90X. I look forward to that. In the meantime, I will enjoy my mortality and will nourish my mortal body with some chocolate over the next few days. Chocolate does a body and mind good.