Monday, June 29, 2009

Science Monday

My day began with my kids running into my bedroom to wish me a Happy Birthday Eve. Here's the rest of the day:
If you feed Rachel too late (12:45 PM) then she will fall asleep at the table.
(Pretzels can be pretty exhausting.)

My ambidextrous son. (Not very sciencey, but cool.) He switches back and forth the whole time he is coloring.

Yeast + Sugar + Warm Water = Blown Up Balloon
Cool, eh?!

A lesson in density. We filled six cups with equal amounts of water and used food coloring to color them the colors of the rainbow. Then we added salt to each of the cups. red = 1 tsp., orange = 2 tsp., yellow = 3 tsp., etc. Then we poured some into clear vinyl tubing (found at a hardware store in plumbing section) with the bottom duck-taped, beginning with purple and the colors layered because of their density.

Word of the Day = Density

Our couch is getting quite dense. I'm ready to upgrade to a sectional.


  1. The clear tube experiment is cool! I didn't know food coloring a= salt would do that. Also cool is Jason's ambidexterity. Is he has precise with both hands?

    Also also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Oh man, where do you come up with all these fun science experiment things. I am envious.

    Oh and the couch isn't that dense until people sit on the arms on a regular basis.

  3. My ideas are not my own. They come from science books from the library. I wish I could take the credit. Give Alice a few more years and you can do some science with her. I've been looking forward to these elementary school years.