Monday, June 01, 2009

Exercise and Science

I went swimming today! My husband thought I should get some exercise to help relieve some stress and perhaps raise my progesterone. I hate to run especially in 90 degree humid summer weather, so I had the brilliant idea that I would swim. We have a neighborhood pool within a short walking distance so I got up this morning and got there at 7:30 AM. The gate was locked with a big chain and huge padlock. I was mad! I pay good money in homeowner's dues to maintain this pool. Why can't I swim at a decent hour? The sign at the main gate says 8AM-5PM. I knew that the hours were extended in the evening during summertime, but I didn't know they were so strict in the morning. So I did the natural thing and sat on the park bench to wait for someone to come open it at eight. I could've gotten some exercise walking in the meantime, but I was wearing awkward flip flops and I didn't want to go home because I knew I would get distracted doing something else and not go back.

So I waited... and waited.... and waited. I watched the birds. I watched the geese. I watched the lawn maintenance people mowing the lawn. I thought about how irritated I was and drafted a mental letter in my head to the property management company of how absurd I thought it was that the pool didn't open until 8 AM. Finally 8:05 rolled around and nobody had come to unlock the gate. I was furious. I decided to give the lock one more try which was when it occurred to me that maybe the key I brought to open the lock on the gate might fit the padlock. The key just seemed too dainty for a big brawny padlock, but sure enough it slid right in and conveniently opened the padlock and I was free to enter my swimming playground. I felt like a fool, but I was just happy to be able to swim. I've never had a swim lesson in my life so I stick to the basics such as the doggy paddle and leg kicking. That's why I like to go early. But it felt good. I feel like swimming is a cheater's exercise. Exercise without sweating? It just doesn't seem right. It did get my heart rate going and I could feel my muscles getting toner. Tomorrow Emily is going to attend with me and work on her swimming and keep me company.

We also started Science Camp today. Our first experiment was pH. We boiled some red cabbage and strained the purple juice to use as our indicator.

We made hypotheses as to whether certain liquids were acids or bases.

Tap water and milk seem to be neutral (purple) with milk maybe slightly basic.

Baking soda and laundry detergent were basic (green).

And lemon juice and vinegar were acidic (pink).

That was fun!

We also did our urine. Emily, Bradley, Sarah and I all had slightly acidic pee and David's was neutral because he drinks so much water!

Tonight I realized that our whole day is filled with hypotheses:

Hypothesis: If I give Jason a creamsicle for Family Home Evening treat, he will drip some on his shirt.

Conclusion: Results showed that Jason will drip creamsicle on his shirt. This study measured a minimum of nine drips. Perhaps as he gets older, the number of drips will decrease.

Hypothesis: If I get my ice cream wet, it will still taste good.

Method: Dip in baby pool.

Conclusion: Ice cream still tastes good after being dipped in baby pool. Further studies need to be conducted using different qualities of water as a variable.

Hypothesis: If I get in this baby pool with my clothes on, my older brother will laugh.

Conclusion: Getting in baby pool with clothes on does result in laughter from older brother. Next study will need to be conducted in bathing suit.

Hypothesis: Rachel's floating ice cream will still taste good.

Conclusion: Indeed, Rachel's floating ice cream does taste good, but perhaps would've been easier to eat with a spoon or straw.


  1. Too funny! I love the experiments Rachel and Jason conducted!

  2. Oh man, it looks like there is a snake in the kiddie pool. I know it isn't really a snake but to my up-past-my-bedtime eyes its totally a snake.

    And I love the reminder about cabbage being a pH indicator. I never think of things like that to do even though I was a chem major and did a few experiments with cabbage 'juice.' Next time I have half a cabbage staring at me in the fridge, I will cook it up and play indicator test.