Thursday, June 04, 2009


Today my husband was outside in the garden and a taxi cab pulled up beside the curb to ask for directions to a certain street. My husband didn't know where it was, so he ran inside to look it up on Google Maps. The whole time I'm thinking, "Why does this taxi driver not have a GPS system?" It's 2009 and I would think any taxi driver or taxi company would think that would be a good investment. Of course I don't own one either. Maybe the guy forgot it at home? Maybe he is new and is saving up for one? Maybe his wife is borrowing it? Maybe he couldn't find it because he was sitting on it?

Anyway, I'm sure people could have similar criticisms about me. I'm a housewife and I don't own an ironing board (my kids broke it 3 years ago playing "store"), my vacuum cleaner sucks (Well of course it sucks. All vacuums suck, right? I mean sucks as in it's a piece of junk.), I don't own a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, and I cancelled my subscription to Martha Stewart magazine a couple years ago. I seem to be getting along fine without the luxuries of homemaking. My kitchen table works for ironing the basics. The vaccum cleaner hose seems to work with the help of a little duck tape. My strong muscular arms can stir. And the Martha Stewart magazine was beginning to make me feel like an inferior housewife unable to live up to Martha's perfection (I do still have her stain fighting guide taped to the inside of my laundry room cupboard door though.)

But, oh, how I would love a Dyson! And a new umbrella...

Now some more garden pictures:

The First Cherry Tomatoes

(I love my camera's macro setting.)

I bought three different varieties of cherry tomatoes this year. This is a different, more oblong one.

On Sunday I quoted Spencer W. Kimball, “Another commendable thing about gardening is the exchange of products by neighbors and the fostering of fellowship and neighborliness.”

Tonight we had several extra cucumbers and zucchini. I suggested to my husband that he bring some to our neighbors across the street. So my husband went to his computer and wrote on our neighbor's Facebook wall, "Do you like fresh zucchini and cucumber?" He replied, shortly after, "Love fresh cucumber!!!!!!!!!" So I gathered 3 fresh cucs and sent my husband with 5 kids to the neighbors. Isn't technology great? I might have wasted a zucchini on someone who doesn't like them!


  1. I think it's hilarious that in both your stories about David today, he went to the computer to look things up. But I would have done the same thing. Google Maps is amazing.

  2. Hi Melinda,
    Love your post...sure makes me miss Mt. Pleasant...such a long growing season you have there. Hope all is well!

  3. David is just like Walter! Oh, and the oblong tomato...isn't that a roma?? I love tomato sandwiches! I'm so jealous!

  4. I looked today. It's a grape tomato. I know there is no perspective in the photo, but that tomato is about about an inch long.

  5. Chera - David always says how he wants to live without technology. I just roll my eyes. Also, David knew your birthday was the last day of May. He just though May had 30 days. I will remember from now on, because my birthday is the last day of June.

    Linda - We miss you guys! Yes, all is well. I'm a crappy Visiting Teacher without you though! You were so good at inspiring me to go.

    Amber - Don't be too jealous. That would be a very small tomato sandwich for a pregnant lady like you. Go enjoy IHOP. I'm jealous about that!