Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Home Evening Treat

"Mommy, it's COLD!"

Tonight we went to McDonald's to get ice cream for Family Home Evening treat. My husband started a temp job today so now he thinks he's making the big bucks and can treat his family to ice cream. Ok, so he's not making the big bucks, but he is making slightly over the poverty line for a family our size. Go Daddy!

I also learned something tonight. When Emily saw a sign in the parking lot with a symbol of a person walking and the letters XING beneath she asked what it meant. I told her that it was a "Pedestrian Zing." My husband told her it was a "Pedestrian Crossing." Now that makes a whole lot more sense. I always wondered what a XING was.

I get it now.


  1. Your cart reminds me when I had four little ones all hanging on. Now I would have to shoo them off, because they would be too heavy to push.

  2. hahahaha Walter says it's xing (it's chinese!) I'm glad David was there to help you out. Maybe it's time to reconsider the whole homeschooling thing! hahaha jk Congrats on the temp job! yeah!!

  3. Your husband seems like such a trooper for pictures. I'm pretty sure Jake would be rolling his eyes constantly. Very cute with all the kids on the cart.