Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vacation Day 5

Today we had a restful day and went to church. It's always fun to visit a new church and see the different people, a different building with its different smell, different accents, and different teachers. As we got out of the car a friendly lady came over to us and asked if we were visiting or new to the ward. You could see the disappointment on her face when we said we were just visiting. But she continued to be friendly. During the three hours of church I made some observations:

1. The ward we attended LOVES announcements. They announced EVERY activity for the entire month of September and there were a lot of them.

2. The opening hymn was #242 Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow which is only one short verse. I think they have to have a short opening hymn to compensate for the 10 minutes of announcements.

3. Grey is the preferred choice of suit color. Of course there were some blues and blacks, but there was a lot of grey. I think the men like to try to match their suits to to the color of the clouds in the sky. (Rochester is commonly cloudy.)

4. This church building needs some new plumbing for their baptismal font. One guy mentioned that it takes 6-7 hours to fill the font. So either the font is enormous, the faucet is ridiculously slow, or they fill it by hand with a turkey baster. Needless to say they probably never have any morning baptisms.

5. Most of the people in this ward were converts. Which makes sense because the Latter-day Saints packed their bags and wheat and left Western New York heading westward about 180 years ago.

6. One man after church asked if he could take Jason home with him. Jason looked at the man like he was crazy. Then the man proceeded to ask the rest of the children if he could take them home. Wendy forcefully said no with a smile, but when he asked Wendy if he could take Emily home, Wendy nodded yes. (She didn't care, as long as it wasn't her.) Then the man said he had 12 children, but it made me kind of wonder how he got those children. Did he get them by taking them home from church?

7. The diaper changing station was installed too high. It must have been installed by a tall man.

Now we must take a moment of silence.............................



IS GONE!!! It brings a tear to my eye that a Honda dealership would dare tear this beautiful structure down in order to park a few Civics and Accords. It is positively shameful!

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