Saturday, August 15, 2009

Library and Walmart

This afternoon we went to the library to pick up some books and DVD's I had on hold and we ended up coming home with 34 books and 4 DVD's. Then we had to go downtown to pick up a couple of books that my husband's former coworker was borrowing. (It was good to see you, Ian!! Ian is the awesome person who replaced my garbage disposal and a loyal blog follower.)

Then I needed to go to Walmart to pick up a few groceries, like 4 gallons of milk, 5 lbs. of bananas, 2 lbs. of strawberries, crackers, pretzels, animal crackers, Parkay Spray Butter, and chocolate chips. It was dinnertime by the time we arrived. We decided to eat some McDonald's because Super Walmart is absolutely and totally One Stop Shopping.

One of the things I love about blogging is that you can share the most intimate details about your life. It's like virtual voyeurism. I am my own paparazzo. It still surprises me that people are actually interested in my life. So I thought I would get a little more intimate this evening and tell you what we ate (This could possibly be even hotter than my laundry post):

Total order:
Quarter Pounder Combo Large with Diet Coke and a splash of Dr. Pepper - Daddy
2 Cheeseburgers -Mommy (and I shared husband's fries and drink)
1 Hamburger - Emily
1 10 piece McNugget Combo Large with Sprite and Orange drink refill - Bradley and Jason
1 Large Fries - Kids
1 10 piece McNuggets, Sweet and Sour sauce - Sarah and Wendy
(All kids share one large drink)

TOTAL = $21.82 (or something like that)

David had a phone interview this afternoon. We were celebrating by dining out. When he actually gets a job or a paycheck, we'll throw in 8 ice cream cones too!! Woo hoo! Party hard at Walmart McDonald's!

Sometimes there are moments in parenthood that you just have to pretend didn't happen or choose to forget. Like this evening as we were leaving McDonald's and I filled the kid's cup up with orange soda. David was getting the shopping cart and I turned around to call for Jason and found him eating the French fries that Wendy dropped on the floor. I forget sometimes that children need to be trained in certain things. It's not innate common sense to not eat food off the floor at McDonald's. Kids are so gross sometimes. I held in my gag reflex and kindly told him, "Eww. Eww. Eww. Yucky! We don't eat food off the floor, especially at McDonald's." But he gave me that little innocent confused look that implied he was thinking, "But they are so yummy. Why would we want to waste them?"

As we were in line waiting to check out I admired the 20 something newlywed couple in front of us. I admired her perfect haircut, her sparkly new wedding ring, her face full of collagen, her beautiful tan. She most likely didn't have a single stretchmark on her body. **sigh** I noticed they only had to buy a half gallon of milk, one box of granola bars and other small quantities of food and had enough money to blow on a big box of Milk Duds. Then I remembered I have this:

I wouldn't trade them for anything. Not even bigger, perkier breasts.


  1. The comment about the newly married couple and the 1/2 gallon of milk cracked me up. We used to rarely drink milk. Then we had a baby. Then the baby started eating food. Now if we don't eat bran flakes with milk for breakfast my toddler will have a meltdown. I am a bit proud that her preferred breakfast cereal is bran flakes. That's totally my doing. Daddy would eat super sugar cereal all the time. Actually, he does a lot of the time since we go to a local grocery store that always has the cheapo crap on sale for 4 cents an ounce. What can I say, my bran flakes are 8 cents per ounce and never on sale.

    I have at least 4 gallons of milk in my fridge for out 1.5 kids. Including the gallon that is half evaporated/powdered (we were running out!). Its amazing that running out of milk can be an emergency when you have kids. Actually its amazing that I love milk this pregnancy. But only 2%. Sorry hubby, no more skim.

  2. noah ate a twizzler off of the movie theater floor yesterday. it was the first showing and i'm pretty sure it didn't get dropped by the sweeper guy that was maybe cleaning the theater that morning. that and the fact that he was crawling on the theater floor left me speechless.