Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday School

For the past 8 years I've always had a pre-nursery child during Sunday School which was my ticket to sit in the hall/lobby of the church building to nurse, feed, or chase a baby, infant, or toddler. But Rachel is now 18 months and qualified to attend nursery so I no longer have my ticket to the hall class. Usually I have a new baby at this point, but I don't, so I feel obligated to go to Sunday School with my husband and learn some spiritual stuff.

Today the lesson was on Eternal Marriage. We talked about what it felt like to know that we would be married to our spouse forever. My husband raised his hand. He most always has relevant comments to add to the discussion. So I sat there next to him, anxious to hear what he had to say about being married to me forever. He said, "When you know you are with this person (your spouse) for eternity and can see the big picture, it helps you to better put up with them in this life." The teacher saw my raised brow and he smiled, and then my husband realized he kind of sort of put his foot in his mouth until the man in front of said, "Yes, I'm sure your wife feels exactly that way."

I really need to get me a ticket back to that hall class.

Every week after church we cook breakfast for lunch - scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and toast. While my husband and I prepare it, the children help clear and set the table and then they do their own thing while they patiently wait for the food. Today it was this:

Bradley did a prophet matching game while Rachel watched.

Wendy helped scramble the eggs.

Emily read a library book about being a kid in ancient Greece.

Jason colored a crossword puzzle.

Sarah played dolls.
Yeah, I know, not that exciting, but I wanted to add some photos to my text.


  1. I announced in Relief Society that Kenny went into the nursery without crying and walahh! I was teaching the CTR5's that next week. My days chatting in the mothers' lounge in the comfy rocking chairs are over. sniff.

  2. My husband and I dislike Sunday School. Our teacher, while passionate about church history, trails off when speaking. Then we have the new brother in the ward we named Fancy Pants after he made a comment about something happening 'much to the Lord's chagrin.' I made sure to see if there were alternate definitions, and nope. So the fact that he likes to use $50 words, even incorrectly, lead us to think he is a show off.

    Anyway, at least there was something that seemed like it was worth commenting on. I usually feel like I am in a history lecture with some random (non-footnoted) ancient Greek or Latin translational comments about some referenced scripture. I think I will never have a calling that gets me out of Sunday School. Amazing since I have 3 callings and am a sub for primary. I must be pretty far down on the sub list.