Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Date Night

Yesterday morning my husband came downstairs and found Rachel chowing on some chocolate chips. I was so proud of him for taking a picture. I've trained him well.

Later that day I found Rachel changing her baby doll's diaper:

None of my other girls have ever been that interested in baby dolls. However Rachel is beginning to express some interest. It makes sense. By 18 months of age, the other girls had their own real live baby doll to love. Rachel doesn't know about real babies yet. She has to settle for plastic. Oh, and the green marker on her is compliments of Jason. We were using some new dry erase books to learn letters and numbers. Jason thought he would try the whole dry erase thing on his sister. It didn't erase as easily as it did on the laminated pages of the book.

And if you're wondering if I ever dress this child, because she is unclothed in the majority of pictures and videos I post, it's a totally valid question. Let me explain. In the spring I filled her drawers with the spring/summer 12 month wardrobe. Now that her pot belly hangs out of most of her clothes, I really need to move her up to the 18 month wardrobe. I believe the bin of 18 month girl's clothes is in the attic. Everyday I say I am going to go up there and look for it, but I don't because it is surely like 100 and something degrees up there. So I keep her naked. It's very much the same reason that Jason is still wearing 18 month and 2T clothing when he should be wearing 3T. However his clothes are in an upstairs closet that is blocked by some of my husband's stuff. We're taking a little trip next week, so I should have them out by then. I can't be vacationing with a naked baby. ......Or can I?

Every Tuesday my husband takes a child of ours on a date. Tonight was Rachel's turn. He took her to get a cookie and to Barnes and Noble. He took her in the smaller car, a car she has never been in. He said she looked a little unsure about the whole situation. Kind of like when you put your pet into the car to take it to the vet. They just know that something is up and get all nervous. She didn't want to eat the cookie. She probably thought it was poisoned or a trick. She's seen Snow White. My husband said it seemed like she felt a little lost without her siblings. It was too quiet and tranquil. She began to warm up to the situation at Barnes and Noble and my husband just let her walk around and he followed her. She even let a little girl read her a book. That must have made her feel at home. She probably thought it was one of her siblings.

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  1. ummm...i'd like to vacation naked! wait, was that the question? hahaha

    is this your NY trip? and should we make room aka pull out the air mattress we borrowed a month ago from a branch member? i'll start getting the lot across the street looking nice so that you will fall in love with it and move here already!