Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation Day 2

It's WAY too late to upload photos, so text it is.

We reached our destination of Rochester, NY today. I totally did not know that Kirtland, Ohio was on our route so we stopped and toured the Whitney store and home and saw some cool stuff that I will post later. It was also a nice bathroom stop at the LDS visitor center where I didn't even bother to worry about toilet seat covers. We also got to tour the Kirtland Temple which happens to be owned by the RLDS church. But they call themselves the Community of Christ so it's kind of tricky. I didn't realize that it was he Reorganized church until about halfway through the movie that they were showing us. We got to go inside the temple. I wasn't allowed to take pictures though. At the visitors center they had some paintings of church leaders. They are of real church leaders such as Joseph Smith, Sydney Rigdon, etc. But they reminded me of the paintings that you would see in Disney's Haunted mansion. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of those either which is too bad.

Gosh I wish I could post some pictures, but I really need to go to sleep.

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