Friday, August 07, 2009

Tupperware Cabinet and Dinner Out

Today I cleaned my Tupperware cabinet:

Ta Da!!

So I only actually have, like, 5 actual pieces of Tupperware. But isn't it cool that we actually still call it a Tupperware cabinet despite the fact that it's mostly Glad, Rubbermaid, empty Tollhouse cookie dough containers, Pyrex, and hospital insulated 1000 mL water mugs (I have six of them).

Then my husband's mother took us out to dinner to my favorite restaurant. I ate a 7 oz. filet mignon, sweet potato, and caesar salad. As the hostess took us to our table, my husband observed the couple's faces at a neighboring table. He could tell they didn't look too happy to have six young children seated next to them. But as the couple was leaving they made a very nice comment to us about how well behaved our children were. They told us they were better behaved than their own grandchildren. We thanked them and patted ourselves on our backs. We've had people comment before on how well behaved our children are. But it totally makes me question what they are expecting when they see six children sit down at a restaurant table. Do they expect them to be running around and screaming? Whining? Blowing spit wads through straws at the ceiling? Dancing on the table? Is it that surprising that all they do is sit in their chairs, sip their lemonade, and color with crayons on their kid's menu? I'll admit it surprises me after seeing how they act at home. I did take note they did not comment on my kids being cute.

Or well-dressed:

I was so hungry before we left, I just didn't care that Wendy was wearing her turquoise I heart Sweet Treats shirt under her 4th of July dress.

We of course ate dessert - The Chocolate Stampede:

It was stampeded in a matter of minutes:

Then we went to the airport to pick up my husband's dad, the Senior Citizen Manscout:

Yeah, it's a long story...


  1. If you never take them out to dinner they will never know how to use their manners when they are out to dinner. When we roll into a restuarant with all seven other customers get nervous. It's great when we prove them wrong.

  2. Carrie Grammie Mom ColeAugust 21, 2009 at 10:08 AM

    Long story, but a good one. This Senior (65 yrs old) Man (MY man) scout (Scouter) had just finished a week at the Boy Scout Sea Base High Adventure Camp in Florida, seven days of sailing, swimming, fishing, small boat sailing, snorkeling and water tubing.(Our "4th child", 15 yr old grandson we are raising, also went on this adventure.) This summer Dave also taught archery for a week of church camp and completed a 10 day 50 mile plus backpacking High Adventure camp at Philmont Boy Scout ranch in New Mexico. "Senior Citizen Manscout" just isn't an accurate description. I'm proud of my 55-years-in-Scouts, Eagle Scout, Scout Leader, and RA (church boys' organization) leader husband! Meanwhile, I enjoyed my grandkids (they really are great kids-David and Melinda are awesome parents) and worked on restoring our old family homeplace in SC. Great summer for us Senior Citizens!

  3. Thank you for sharing the details on the long story. We are proud of our proud of our Papa Davescout too!