Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogging Blues

I have a little case of the blogging blues. Don't worry it shouldn't last long. I got my period today and it hit me like a brick. I felt great all morning and then suddenly the headache came on, my body started aching, the cramping began and I became very irritable. (Sorry male readers, but I just have to rant on about this today.) It's got me a little freaked out though because it came 4 days early on my 24th day of my cycle. That just seamed a little freakish to me because I've been quite regular the past few months. Anyway, of course I had to Google it and I determined it might be due to a short luteal phase which either means I have low progesterone which means I might have high estrogen. High estrogen increases your risk of breast, ovarian, and other sorts of girly cancer and makes it hard to conceive or stay pregnant. So yes, I'm am most positive I am going to die of cancer now and/or never have any more babies. Sorry. I go through hypochondriatic doom and gloom phases every now and then. It shall pass once my hormones begin to balance out again. My husband surprised me with a hot fudge sundae tonight when he came home from a meeting. He's learned over the past nine years that the way to a woman's heart is through ice cream and chocolate. I think Emily is learning too because she made her very first cheesecake today all by herself (I helped her with the oven, of course). We haven't tried it yet because it had to cool in the refrigerator, but I'm thinking breakfast?

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