Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Errands and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Today I ran a few errands with my girls, minus Rachel because she was sleeping. While we were driving Wendy said to me, "Mommy, when I grow up I will marry Daddy?" I explained that only I would be married to Daddy and that someday she would find a handsome young man to marry. She seemed pleased with that. Then we talked about marriage, babies, and getting older. I made sure to emphasized that babies come after you get married. Then Wendy said, "When we get old, we die?"

I told her, "Yes, hopefully we will all die of old age." I explained that sometimes people die when they are young and even children can die. Then the girls brainstormed different ways people can die such as disease, being shot by a gun, burned by a fire because the smoke alarms didn't go off, strangled, stabbed, heart attack, etc. It was a nice morbid conversation. I went back to the positive and said again, "Hopefully we will all live to be old."

Then Wendy said, "I grow up on my birthday."

Sarah said, "It will be a lot of birthdays before you're a mom."

Then Emily clarified, "You don't have to be a mom to be grown up. You just have to have babies to be a mom."

I clarified, "You only have to have one baby to be a mom."

Then Sarah said, "And you don't die right away when you get old." Which made me ponder, when do we get old?

Then we talked about how smoking is bad for you and the girls recapped the Brady Bunch episode when Greg gets caught with a pack of cigarettes in his letterman jacket pocket, but it's not really his because the jacket was actually his friend's and they got switched. I love the Brady Bunch. Such good morals despite the super short mini skirts.

Today we also made homemade ice cream sandwiches. TOTALLY not worth the effort. I would much rather pay $3.00 for a box of a dozen Great Value ice cream sandwiches, but it was fun. Here is them eating the dessert (Wendy and Daddy missed out on the fun because they were on a date.):

Emily's was round.

Bradley's was square.

Sarah got the biggest one.

Jason wasn't so sure about picking it up. He ended up eating the ice cream with a spoon.

Rachel got a smaller modified version of the ice cream sandwich.

And here is a video that shows a little of what I deal with on a daily basis. It's juvenile behavior, but I LOVE Sarah's laugh:

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