Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Vacation Day 7

I've been unsuccessful at maintaining a daily blog while on vacation, but every other day isn't so bad, is it?

Today we went to dip our toes in Lake Ontario. I thought it would be cool for my kids to say they've touched a Great Lake. I was wrong. They were totally unimpressed by the lake that appears as big as an ocean. It was too cold and too mossy. But we collected some sand, rocks, and shells in a plastic Walmart bag. I thought it would be cool to collect sand from different beaches we visit around the country. But I sadly left it sitting on a bench at the carousel ride at the park. Emily cried because she had picked out some really cool rocks.

Anyway, the lake, carousel, and frozen custard was the most exciting thing we did all day. On our way back to the hotel from from my grandmother's house, we passed the mall I used to go to as a kid. It was actually two malls, but shortly after my family moved to California in 1984 they connected the two malls to make it one big mall. It was an exciting event for the community and they held a contest to help name the new mall. I remember my grandmother telling us about the contest and asking for suggestions to submit. I don't remember our ideas or even what the prize was. As we drove past the mall tonight I noticed the sign and ..... brace yourself.......because you're never going to guess what they named it......... ready?.........

The Mall

Yes, someone likely won a $200 gift certificate to Sears for that ingenious idea. Why didn't I think of that?

Sorry for the lack of photos. I forgot my USB cord for my camera and my husband is a little possessive of his computer. I promise to post some when I get home. I have LOTS of them to choose from. We took my cousins's 6 year old daughter to the children's museum with us yesterday and she said, "Man! You are the picture family!"

That's right!

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