Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hair Cuts

It's my husband's job to cut the boy's hair. It's my job to take pictures.

I didn't a get complete "after" picture. But he does look handsome! There wasn't as much wailing and gnashing of teeth as the pictures imply. We had to wake him up from a nap so he could only muster a few pathetic facial expressions and wimpers.

Today we cleaned out the van in preparation for our upcoming road trip. I tried ejecting the CD that was in the player and there was an "ERR" message on the display. I tried again and it made an awful clicking noise and displayed an, "ERR". We shimmied a brochure, coat hanger, screw driver in there and tried again and it said, "NO OJ". (What?! Duh, I know there is no orange juice in there. Although..... I couldn't be completely sure that there wasn't.) The children were in there the day prior cleaning out the junk. After several more attempts at trying to get out the stuck CD or whatever was in there (Quarters? Gift card? Gas receipts? Orange juice?) and shoving another CD inside, I went into the house to Google, "How to get stuck CD out of car CD player." I tried a very MacGyver maneuver suggestion and used a putty knife and some duck tape and WALLAH! All 3 CDs came out! I was so proud of myself for saving who knows how much money it would've cost to get it fixed. I also saved us a future road trip filled with boredom as we travel through the hills of West Virginia with awful radio stations.

At lunch I asked Jason if he put a CD in the car radio. With proud eyes he replied, "Yeah! TWO!" Needless to say we quickly figured out who the guilty suspect was.

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