Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunglasses, Bunny Slipper, and Golden Book

I'm blogging a little early today because I have a hot date with my husband tonight. We are getting a full 24 hour date night, thanks to my husband's mom who is brave enough to watch all six kids for that length of time. The kids didn't understand why parents would want that much time away from their children. I explained that it's just nice to sleep in a clean bedroom void of random toys and scattered clothes. It's nice to be guaranteed undisturbed slumber in the early morning hours void of baby cries and loud children playing. It's also nice to eat hot breakfast prepared by someone else who also cleans the dishes. Yes, I'm looking forward to our quiet evening reading our scriptures, playing Yahtzee, jumping on the bed, maybe going to the pool, and watching Nick at Nite because, you know, that's what parents do when they go out.

This morning Rachel came downstairs before me and I found her like this:

I love kids. But sometimes I just need a break from them.

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