Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Catching Up

Ok. So I have to get used to this whole blogging thing again. Just to quickly get you up to date:

4th of July!!

A friend of mine reminded me about Sparklers. I remembered that I had some in my kitchen drawer so I got them out for the kids.

Emily had a great time with them.

"Hot! Hurt!"
And it's totally a good idea to let your two year old be in charge of the matches.

Bradley wet down his face and shirt before doing the sparklers.

We had front row seats to the neighborhood fireworks show which also included smoke inhalation and shortness of breath the rest of the evening.

My sister sent festive necklaces.
5th of July

Rest. It was fast and testimony meeting at church. Since Wendy is a big 4 year old she wanted to bear her testimony at church. I rolled my eyes as she walked up to the stand with Emily and Sarah. I knew she would freeze and cause an awkward silence and I would look like the foolish parent that allowed her to go up there unassisted by an adult. I was right. She did freeze. Emily and Sarah looked at each other and made visual conversation. Finally Sarah got out of her seat and whispered some simple words into Wendy's ear to repeat. Thank goodness for a five year old to the rescue!

Bradley was reading a functioning portion on my blog. He saw the post where Rachel finds her shadow. He was cracking up. He said to me, "Mommy! Come here! You've got to read this!"
I said, "I know what it says, Bradley. It's my Blog."
He said, "But Mommy, you have to come here and read it. It's so funny."
I said, "Bradley, you do know that I wrote that, right?"
He said, "Yeah, but just read it."
I finally stood beside him and listened to him read me the captions. It was worth watching Bradley crack up at his sister.


I've declared Tuesday as clean the kitchen floor day. I've concluded that I'm in a bad mood when my kitchen floors are dirty. We have a method and each kid gets a rag and we scrub away. I just love a clean floor. Meanwhile, of course, Jason was walking around without a diaper because I am half attempting at potty training and he somehow got himself on the playroom table and pooped and used half a roll of toilet paper trying to wipe himself. Two year olds are so disgusting. Thankfully Rachel didn't get involved in the ordeal.

I got my hairs cut today. Four inches. As the lady shampooed my hair with some minty scented tea tree shampoo she asked, "Would you like your eyebrows waxed?" I politely declined but thought, "What?!! Doesn't she clearly see that I spent a half hour last night plucking about 5 lbs. of hair off my brow??" I held in my 1/2 cry and 1/2 laugh and thought, "Wasn't Brooke Shields considered beautiful?"

As I sat down in the chair with the towel on my wet head she asked me what I wanted done with my hair. We discussed my hair. She told me I had a lot of hair and I mentioned that I wasn't used to having wavy hair because it had been completely straight my entire life until I had kids. She was surprised when I said I had kids. I told her I had six. She said she thought I was colleged aged. Yes!! She totally redeemed herself from her eyebrow comment. Of course she remarked about my age while looking at the back of my head, but still, she thought I was 10 years younger than I am. I guess that can happen when you go out without your wedding rings wearing kid's pink glitter shoes.

My mother-in-law is here so my husband and I got some free babysitting for a date night this evening. We went to a Mexican restaurant and pigged out on free chips and dinner. Then we went and took a walk along the beach. It started raining. We ran to the car and went to Target. Then we made the obligatory stop to Barnes and Noble. It was so nice to get out, but the kids were still awake watching a movie when we got home at 10:15PM. We paid our babysitter with a Sonic milkshake.

That's all. I'm totally back.

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  1. obligatory stop to Barnes and Noble? where do we get the idea that just because we have some childless time we should go to a quiet place?? we do the same thing!! and now that your hair and eyebrows look nice and up-to-date, it's time we do something about your ugly feet! :) i'm taking you to get a pedicure! (mostly cause i need one, but i'm blaming you!) :)