Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beach Day

Today we went to my husband's high school reunion family beach day. We are skipping the dinner tonight because it costs $40 per person and if I'm going to spend $80 on a date it's not going to be with a bunch of people my husband was "kind of" friends with in high school. But the beach was fun. We were there between prime sun hours of 11AM - 2PM. I don't usually go outside for more than 10 minutes unless it's after 5PM. Suntan lotion is such a hassle. But I was so careful to lotion up every inch of the kids, but in all the commotion of getting ready, making lunches, and getting bathing suits on, I forgot to put suntan lotion on my chest. I was so mad, but it doesn't look too bad. I'll just use a lot of aloe. It was worth the few natural highlights the sun put in my hair today.

Now I'm tired and trying to get a clean house so I can have a restful Sabbath tomorrow. Thank goodness for Spongebob Sponge Bash this weekend. It's keeping my kids occupied and out of messy trouble.


  1. the beach again?? twice in 1 month? you party animal!

  2. Yes, woo hoo! Party animal me! Although I vow never to go to the beach during prime sun hours again! Totally not worth it.