Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunburns and Cookies

Do you ever have one of those days that you are just in a bad mood and can't snap out of it? I'm having one of those days. I think it has to do with the fact that I got sunburned yesterday and I'm extremely mad at myself for allowing it to happen. I did take precautions, but it seems that they were ineffective. Anyway, I just wish I had a rewind button and could do yesterday over and put on a different sunscreen or reapply it once while at the beach. My husband helped put things in perspective for me today and told me about a friend he had in high school who's mom was a "professional tanner". At first I thought he was talking about a leather maker, but no, she was an actual professional tanner who tanned her own hide. She laid in the sun for hours to get a deep dark skin glow and entered competitions that judged contestants on how tan they were. (My husband might have been taking advantage of my gullibility, but I'm going to believe the story because it did make me feel better.) So in other words, my three hours in the sun yesterday probably isn't as big of a deal as I'm making it out to be. My husband said I'm probably causing more damage to my body stressing about it than the actual sunburn.

My bad mood could also be due to the fact that my Aunt Flo is visiting. She is never fun.

Anyway.... I've decided to have cookie science this week. Cookies are more fun that cakes. We also had a lesson on charity at church today. I think we might bake some cookies and bring them to neighbors. I have this one neighbor lady who lives by herself. I've tried being friendly to her, but she is a tough person to read and I've had a difficult time trying to get to know her. I hope she likes cookies.


  1. I call the kind of day you had my "Vitamin D" day. Although, the two of us have similar skin types, so I can imagine how badly you are feeling-or were? Hopefully the pain hasn't rolled into Monday. Just think, one less vitamin D pill (as if you take them) you'll need when you're old(er)!

    Cookie science-oh, I really LOVE cookie science. In fact, we just got this great book (by accident I might add) from the library called something like "All in just one cookie" by susan goodman. It goes through each ingredient and talks about where they are from and what it takes to get them into the store and ultimately your house. Very fun.

    I had a super grumpy day yesterday, too. Aaron kept asking-"soooo when do I get to put you in a time out? You're way past the limit we give the girls for their bad attitudes." Ha! He's got a lot to learn ; ) And I found my good old happy self after he left with the two older girls and the house was quiet for 2 hours...ahhhh.

  2. That looks like a great book! Isn't doesn't look like our library has it though :(

    My sunburn isn't all that bad, but the hypochondriac in me says, "Skin Cancer!" I get paranoid.

    Good to hear from you. Leah told me she got in touch with you!