Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arachnid Saturday ** Movie Spoiler**

I don't feel like I have much to say today. I watched Spiderman today on TNT while I ironed clothes and tidied up my bedroom. I felt that I was left hanging though so I had to watch Spiderman 2 this evening. Thankfully we happen to have the DVD. I'm not much of a super hero movie buff, but I like the love story. Although, I think I would've written it differently. I just don't think MJ is going to be happy living in a dump while her boyfriend is always away off to save the city. I don't see much point in watching Spiderman 3 because the love story seems to be over.

Now it's midnight and I should go to bed. I'm teaching the lesson in Relief Society at church tomorrow because the teacher totally bailed. Ha! I'm totally cool with it though because she is one of my loyal blog fans and she's totally excused because she is attending a funeral. The lesson is on adversity using this article. That's a piece of cake topic! I'm sure all I will have to do is say, "Who here has experienced adversity?" And then 18 hands will fly up and we will chit chat away about all of our problems and how we deal with them from a spirtual perspective. It's like an hour of free therapy.

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