Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Poopy Day

Today was a doozy. It began with me not wanting to do anything but sit on the couch and read a book or watch TV. I felt so guilty though as my ill husband (he's come down with what I had a couple weeks ago) was working hard upstairs to produce some sample code for his job interview. So I got off my butt at around noon when I heard Sarah say, "MOMMY! Jason pooped on the playroom floor!" I was hoping it was on the wood, but it was on the carpet. So I got my box of wipes and started cleaning the first spot when Rachel came over and stepped on one of the turds. YUCK-O! I hadn't even gotten to cleaning Jason up yet, when I heard Emily cry out, "MOMMY! Jason is sitting on the couch!" Arrrgghhh! So I went to the couch and as I predicted there was a nice big skid mark down the back cushion where he sat. GROSS-O! I totally give up on the potty training. I'll be happy if Jason is trained by the time he graduates high school. I'm taking a potty training pause. The kid can poop to his heart's delight in diapers.

Later this afternoon, the toilet overflowed. Thankfully it was just toilet paper. I guess all this potty training has made Jason curious and he unrolled nearly an entire roll of toilet paper and flushed it. And flushed it again. Each time filling the toilet with 1.5 gallons of water until the bowl couldn't hold anymore and it spilled over making a lake onto the wood floor. It took several bath towels to soak up and I still couldn't plunge it. I hope it's just toilet paper. Who knows? It could've been a matchbox car, plastic corn on the cob, or a Kelly Doll. There were no eyewitnesses and Jason answered "yes" to everything I asked him. I think it's going to need a snake unless the toilet paper, matchbox car, corn cob, or Kelly Doll dissolves overnight.

Later this evening Wendy was randomly saying obnoxious things like, "Poopy on Sarah. Poopy on Emily," etc. Emily is pretty good at ignoring the childish nonsense, but Sarah was having a difficult time with the vulgarity. I was half paying attention while I was checking my emails and Facebook. Then I heard Sarah go ballistic with screaming and tears. I asked Sarah, "What in the world are you mad about?" Sarah replied, "Wendy said, 'Poopy on Camden.' Those are my FRIENDS she's pooping on!" (Camden is a girl in Sarah's primary class.) I couldn't help crack up at the fervor of her defensiveness. I told her it made me happy that she was such a loyal friend and told her to just ignore her younger sister.

And then I had this happen: Rachel thought it would be fun to climb on the table and tip the gallon container of milk over and spill it on my kitchen floor that we just cleaned on Clean Tile Tuesday.

I also overheard Sarah get mad at Wendy tonight for telling Emily that Sarah doesn't like chocolate chips. Sarah shouted, "WEN-DEE!! It's supposed to be a secret!" I turned my head at that one and said, "Sarah, you don't like chocolate chips?!" She replied with a slow shameful shake of her head. Yeah, she better be ashamed!


  1. hahahaha your kids crack me up! i miss them! i think we were most relaxed at your house! thanks again!

  2. You can pick up a closet auger at Walmart for about $8. Its a super short snake that has a plastic covering so you don't scratch the ceramic insides of the toilet. We got one in our first apartment after we got married. That toilet was super slow draining the moment we moved in. We had to snake it every couple of months or else it would not flush down. My hubby got used to doing his business at work because he almost always clogged that thing.

    We have yet to use it in our current house, but I have it in the utility closet, so if someone opens a box of tampons and flushes them all down we can still use the toilet. (I just assume that will happen since the 19 month old thinks tampons are the best toys ever, a trait I will never understand.)

  3. Melinda,
    I'm with Rachel on the whole chocolate chip thing. I'd rather have a nice piece of Dove or Russel Stovers.


  4. Oh girl, days like that are the ones that threaten to send you over the edge; I joke with Rich, that on days like that I want to run around screaming like a wild banshee. I'm glad you survived! :)