Friday, July 24, 2009

Twins and more toilet problems.

Today I was digitally thumbing through my July photos with all my children gathered around. When I got to this one...

...Sarah asked, "Mommy, is that Wendy or me?"

So to all of you who have a difficult time telling Sarah and Wendy apart because of their similar stature and hair color, don't worry because even they can't tell themselves apart.

It's easy for us to differentiate them at home. All you have to do is listen to their voices. Sarah has the deep, raspy voice that I always wanted and Wendy has the high pitched munchkin voice that I still have.

Other news on the home front:

Wendy got Crayola Washable Markers for her birthday. I was stoked that they were washable because Crayola has "washability you can trust" so I let Jason in on the fun.

He decided he should use the toilet seat as his canvas. No big deal, right?

Well....Crayola should say, "Washablity you can trust if you read the fine print." The fine print says, "Keep away from wallpaper, painted walls, finished and unfinished wood, vinyl, carpeting and other materials that cannot be laundered." **SIGH** As if you have time to read fine print when you have kids. The marker did NOT come off the toilet seat. Apparently it only washes off from skin and most washable children's clothing.

So today I switched the downstairs toilet seat with the upstairs one to keep our guest bathroom presentable. I think life might be easier if we just dwelled in a tent. Or is it dwelt in a tent?


  1. that picture is Wendy! right? I'm so good at this game! :) It doesn't hurt that Wendy had a birthday in July, thus giving it away that it was her, but still. I think I figured those 2 out while I was there!

    Also, if you did live in a tent, I think Jason would be considered potty-trained! Rachel too! Maybe you are on to something...

  2. I think it looks like Wendy too :) I am glad your blog got fixed! I love reading it! If it makes you feel any better my twins are still not toilet trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked Bennett why he doesnt want to use the potty and he told me "because you just change me" guess he should start changing himself.

  3. I have never used the magic eraser on toilet seats, but it might take off the stain.

    I think crayons are easier to clean up off walls than markers in general. Though I am still considering buying the super expensive markers with special paper. I have a 1 1/2 year old that loves drawing, especially on her legs. You would think she sees tattoos all the time, though I doubt she has ever seen any.

  4. try magic eraser-should do the trick : )

    though i just read one of my friends on facebook's post and i guess magic eraser can leave chemical burns on kids-so maybe not on the toilet seat itself-unless you rinse it really good. Although, that would make a great blog post & photo!! : )

  5. I think a Mr Eraser might get that off the toilet lid. Try it!
    Also I think that is Wendy in the picture, am I right?