Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Today I found the children having a fashion show. There was Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and a Bride. There was some contention because Bradley told Sarah she wasn't beautiful. I explained to him that you never tell a girl she isn't beautiful. He understood and agreed Sarah was pretty but explained there was chocolate on her dress. Because of the drama, I decided to award winners according to 3 different categories. Prettiest Shoes, Best Twirly Dress, and Prettiest Dress.

Judge Bradley examined the contestant's shoes.
The winner was.....EMILY!

Sarah and Wendy weren't too happy about not winning and Sarah threw herself on the floor in protest. I took video of the rest:

You can hear that Sarah wanted 4 rounds of competition instead of 3. I think she wanted to increase her odds of winning. This also shows why my girls don't do beauty pageants. Sarah would certainly be the contestant that pours grape juice on her opponent's evening gown.


  1. that was HIL.AR.IOUS!! I can't wait for tomorrow!!

  2. Sarah had all of the modeling moves inbetween freaking out about not winning! Too cute.