Thursday, April 09, 2009

Prepping the Garden

We decided to expand the garden some more this year. We went to Lowe's to get some supplies. It's always quite an event taking six kids to the home improvement store. Bradley thought it was his duty to climb every pile of dirt, compost and mulch bags. All of the kids had to inspect every garden fountain display too.

It's been quite a week planning, digging, buying, but I think it's ready. We are planting okra, green peppers, tomatoes, summer squash, cantalope, green beans and cucumbers. I SO hope that it's successful. I'm pretty sure we spent more money on getting this set up than what it will be worth in vegetables, but there's value in the education and experience. Right?

My husband and I worked until dark getting these finished while the kids were inside fixing themselves frozen waffles and watching Smurfs. I could hear Rachel crying inside as we were finishing up. I'll have to admit that I'd rather hear crying than silence. Silence is never good when kids are alone. It either means mischief or choking.
Now I'm off to hope my husband has a good interview tomorrow morning and that he doesn't say anything embarrassing. I'm feeling good about it.


  1. is that square-box gardening?? you are so good! i hope to have a garden next year!!

  2. No. Those are our burial plots for when we die of unemployment and starvation! We still have 5 more to dig.

    Ok. Kidding. It's a form of square foot gardening. It's built like it, but I'm not adhering to the strict square foot rule.