Monday, April 06, 2009

Pre Birthday Cake

On Saturday Emily insisted on making her own funfetti cake. Because General Conference was playing I only allowed her to beat the batter for 45 seconds so we could hear the speaker. We learned that undermixing a cake makes results in a very floppy and unleavened cake. So I made a new cake for her on Saturday evening and let them dig into the floppy funfetti cake during Conference on Sunday.

Sarah was upset about something and Jason is in the background checking out the action.

It seems that Sarah was upset that Emily got a humongous piece. "It's not fair!" Meanwhile a whole other layer is sitting on the plate on the counter.

Emily feels entitled to anything on her birthday including tormenting her younger sister.

Sarah lightens up after I show her the other layer that she is welcome to dig her fingers into.

Jason decides to join the action.

Enjoying the funfetti.

Isn't this the best Sunday afternoon ever?
Later we had rootbeer floats but I couldn't find my camera to take a picture because it was buried beneath birthday wrapping paper.
Then we skipped dinner and ate the real birthday cake.


  1. all in dresses on conference weekend? are you serious?? does that help calm the masses or did you go to the church and watch it. and no, i wasn't mocking yellow kitchens, my mom just painted her kitchen yellow and we all thought she was crazy, but we like it.

  2. We dressed up for Sunday. I think it does help to calm the masses. Although notice that Jason is not dressed. Dressing him up does not help calm his mass. The girl's hair is also not curled. I skipped that chore.