Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Aniveshry!

Nine down, eternity more! (Holy cow! That's a long time!)

Photography by Emily

Don't let the cute clothes fool you. We didn't do anything special this evening. I only wore them for the picture. I'm keeping with the polka dot theme for 2009. Polka dot cakes for birthdays and polka dot clothes for the anniversary. We ate Sonic tonight at home. And it's 10:15 PM as I write this. How sad is that? I guess we're saving up the romance for our 10 year. We're going to go celebrate and watch some TV now. We're way behind on our DVR shows.

Emily made us this card:


  1. Happy Anniversary! It's a cute picture. :)

  2. I like that...a theme for the year. Not to mention you can't go wrong with polka dots :o) Happy day after Anniversary!

  3. Emily did a great job, very cute picture! Now where are those wedding pics?