Friday, April 10, 2009

The Good News is....

My husband did not get the job. They liked David, but didn't hire him because he didn't have the "management" training they were looking for. I guess managing a group of 15-16 year old boys at church and a managing a household of six kids doesn't count towards the management they were looking for. But you see, it's good news because they weren't using the computer programming language that David loves even though it was included in the job description. Nonetheless, it was a confidence booster for my husband because it was a successful interview despite the fact that there was no job offer. They told him they were impressed with his portfolio and skills.

They are expecting another position opening up soon that would suit him more, but below the salary range we were looking for (making a raspberry noise with my tongue.) But thank you for the prayers. Knowing that we tried through diligence and prayer, makes me confident it wasn't the right job for him anyway. Or maybe the other guy just had more people praying for him.

Now the bad news is ... we don't get to splurge and order pizza to celebrate.

All is well. All is well. There will be pizza one day. I know it.

Now. I AM BEAT!!! We worked all day in the yard on the garden and I desperately need a shower!

Also, good news that trumps no job offer is .... my 90 day maternity health coverage waiting period is officially OVER! I am free to conceive!


  1. Then why are you blogging?!? I mean, definitely take the shower first, but what are you waiting for? It's a friday night and there is nothing good on TV! :)

  2. It's not business time yet. I don't ovulate until next week. But it is time to watch some recorded shows...