Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Emily's Baptism

Tonight Emily was baptized. In our church children are baptized at the age of eight which we believe is the age of accountability. Satan does not have the power to tempt young children and therefore they cannot sin. The period from birth to eight years old is when we are in the process of learning right from wrong. If a child dies before they are eight, it is an automatic ticket to the most glorious part of heaven, the Celestial Kingdom. Parents who lose a child to death before they turn eight are promised the opportunity to raise that child in eternity after the resurrection if they too faithfully endure to the end. Now of course, an eight year old is only accountable for her respective knowledge. The accountabiltiy is a gradual process. But eight is the milestone age when it all begins.

Emily was soooooo excited for her baptism! Yesterday when she woke up she said to me, "Mommy, you know what I was saying in my head this morning over and over?"

I said, "No. What?"

She said, "I can't wait. I just can't wait. I can't wait. I just can't wait."

So today marked the "Best day of her life." (so far) She had the opportunity to share her baptism day with another little girl whose birthday is one day after hers. Everything turned out great, except for my dang camera decided to act up. My batteries drain so quickly. So I didn't get as many pictures as I hoped, but enough to document the event.

Her pretty white dress.

Pretty angel child holding fat devil baby.

I think this photo should be included in the Gospel Art Kit.

Or this one.

Or better yet, this one.

Family photo.
(I put my husband in charge of getting the boys dressed, which is why Jason looks like a punk rocker.)

Waiting for the big event. Emily looks nervous....

.....but she is sooooo excited.

Behind the scenes after the dunk. We do full immersion baptisms so it's very wet and brrrr - cold. The water is actually heated, but the girls were cold when they got out.

I asked Emily to flash me her cool white jumpsuit.

All dressed and ready to get the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

Refreshment and chalkboard time.

A brownie and a cookie for Jason. I didn't keep track of how many cookies he ate, but I think it was a lot.

A cookie for Rachel.

Pure and clean. What a great day!

Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. - Acts 2:38


  1. What an important day! Did David baptize her? (Since he's all dressed up, too.)

  2. Yes, he did. We sent you an invitation, but it was returned to us because we forgot to put a stamp on it. Then it just took us too long to buy more stamps and it got lost in the pile of junk on my kitchen counter. We will have to send it anyway along with the program. Sorry!

    Also thanks for Emily's birthday card. She loved it!

  3. yeah! congrats Emily!! I hope you keep reminding her that she can't pester her siblings and she has to do everything you say!! :) dang you are getting old!!

  4. Yes, everytime she does something naughty I will say, "Repent child! Repent!"

  5. That's okay, I'll just get both at once and then that saves you having to mail something twice. :) I'm sure one of my trips back to the States will eventually coincide with someone's 8th birthday and baptism.

    I'm glad she liked it!

    Oh, and I think it's hilarious how David dressed Jason. The tie is just too cute.

  6. we are sick that we missed this wonderful day. lana was sad and keeps reminding me how sad she is. looks like it was a beautiful day. tell emily congrats for us.

  7. I love that she was so excited about getting baptized! On another note...if Jason ever goes missing...it's because I have kidnapped him. He is so darn cute!

  8. Okay, I love the pictures, especially the one of David and Emily looking at each other talking; it is so sweet, and as always, Jason is adorable!