Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still doing taxes


  1. i think he just might like the camera!!

  2. These pictures are adorable!!!! I love his facial expressions, and he knows how to work those eyes!!!!

  3. Jason's becoming quite the charmer!

  4. What a cutie!!

    I stumbled over from Mormon Mommy Blogs! Very cute blog. ;)

  5. Amber - Jason is beginning to despise the camera. I take so many pictures of him because I'm afraid his cuteness is going to go away someday.

    Carrie - His eyes are irresistable. Those pictures don't show it as much as in person, but he makes you fall in love with him when he looks at you.

    Chera - Yes, quite the charmer. That is how he gets away with escaping from his crib at 10:30 PM and coming downstairs and watching TV with his mommy and daddy. I get so mad at myself when I give in to the charm.

    Randi - Thank you! I'm not so sure those are the best first impression pictures of my son, but I'm glad you stopped by!