Monday, March 02, 2009

Facebook, ABBA, and Taxes

Ok, so I'm not over this whole Facebook defriending thing. Today I Googled, "why do people delete friends from facebook?" I came up with some possible reasons for my most recently noticed defriending.

1. In January Burger King was running a promotion where if you deleted 10 friends from your Facebook account, they would give you a free Whopper. It was called Whopper Sacrifice. If that was his reason, he is totally forgiven. He might have been one of my 10 friends if I had known about the free Whopper deal.

2. I read about people periodically going through their friend list and deleting friends that they don't communicate with. It's considered therapeutic to purge the extraneous people. So maybe my former friend is a facebook bulimic. I don't know. I guess I was just extra baggage in his life.

3. Maybe he accidentally clicked the 'x' next to my name and then accidentally clicked the 'confirm' button. Now he's too embarrassed to ask to be my friend again.

4. Maybe he secretly thinks I'm hot and can't bear to look at my thumbnail picture every time I post a new status because he knows I'm married.

So there you have it. I'm sure he had a perfectly good reason for deleting me. No hard feelings. My self-esteem is not destroyed.

Here is my favorite quote of the day:

"Mommy, the dancing queen is 17 years old." - Emily

My kids have a CD player in their room so they can listen to children's hymns when they go to bed. The other day I was folding laundry in their room and couldn't bear to listen to the children's CD anymore so I popped in ABBA Gold. It's still in there. It doesn't quite teach the values that the hymns do, but let me tell you, every morning they turn on ABBA and clean their room without me even having to ask. It's amazing! I consider ABBA inspirational.

I was working on my taxes today. I came across this blurb on p. 7 of the 1040 instructions. It is one of the new things for 2009.

"Qualifying child definition revised. The following changes to the definition of a qualifying child apply to years after 2008.

  • Your qualifying child must be younger than you."



  1. Hey Melinda! How are you doing. Sorry you got deleted. I too got deleted from my own sister in laws page...but we wont go into that right now. lol I need to get some ABBA music.. I bet my kids would love dancing around to that! I miss you guys!

  2. ouch! so, you get notified when you've been defriended?? cause i'm pretty sure a couple people have defriended me, but i never got an official notice!

    i think your children qualify as younger than you, but, if they come out with a rule that you have to "sound" older than your children on the might be in trouble!! :)

  3. I admit that sometimes I'm a facebook bulimic. Usually it's only the people I didn't ever really talk to in the first place, and hadn't talked to in years, etc. I only get embarrassed if they re-friend me. Don't worry. I won't defriend you!

    The only reason I can think of that they would need to redefine "qualifying child" is in the case that you might have step-children older than you. But that's a mess in itself...

  4. Amber - Ooooo! Slam! But, ok, fair enough. At least I don't have to wear 2 sport bras to prevent black eyes. :) I do admit I hate listening to my voice. That is why I avoid talking when shooting videos of my kids.

    Becky - I'm so sorry that your own family purged you! That's harsh. We miss you guys too!

    Chera - I'm glad to know that you won't defriend me. That's very kind of you. I'm glad you are loyal to family. :)