Monday, March 09, 2009

The Bachelor Blues

The Bachelor is over. I'm bored. Melissa is heartbroken in Dallas, Jason and Molly are probably making out in a tent somewhere in Seattle, and I sit hear looking at my popcorn and shredded cheese infested kitchen floor on a Monday night.

But wait. Here is a little love story that I have to tell. Have I told you that my husband and I met online? I think most people who know me, know that little tid bit about my personal life, but here's a brief synopsis of how it happened.

  • November 15-ish, 1999 I joined for an $8/month subscription. (Yes, I was desperate. The California boys weren't my type.)

  • November 18 - David joined.

  • November 23 - I got a message from some guy named "David."

  • I wrote him back and told him to post a picture because his profile didn't have one yet.
  • He posted a picture, I thought he was cute and we kept emailing.

  • November 24 - we exchanged phone numbers. We talked on the phone on the 26th.

  • November 30 - he bought a plane ticket to come see me. (We split the cost. $100 each.)

  • December 4 - he arrived in L.A. for his stay through the 7th. He stayed at my friend's house. We liked each other. Actually, we like liked each other. We attended a baptism. We went to church. We ate lunch and went shopping in Santa Monica. We took a walk on the beach in the evening (it was sooo cold!) We walked around the L.A. temple. We ate fajitas and played Phase 10 with my parents. We reluctantly said good bye at the airport. (I might add here that my parents weren't too thrilled with the whole me meeting up with someone I met online thing. But I think they warmed up to him by the end of the trip.)
  • I went to Hawaii for a month to help my sister-in-law while my brother was overseas in the military.

  • David and I got to know each other more through email and a little bit of phone. We set a tentative wedding date for August.

  • January 27 - David and I drove in my 1991 Honda Civic across the country from L.A. to east coast, stopping in San Antonio to meet his family. We drove 24 hours straight to San Antonio so we wouldn't have to stay in a hotel and 24 hours straight from San Antonio to final destination. I got pulled over once during the trip, but didn't get a ticket. (Probably because I was cute.)
  • February 2-ish - we picked out an engagement ring. There was a 50% off sale at the jewelry store. I put it on my credit card because David was broke. (Hmm. Red flag? Nah! I love you honey, even when you're broke.)
  • February 11 - we got engaged in the nasty and dirty kitchen of his and his roommates bachelor pad on the day they were moving to a new bachelor pad. (I know. So romantic.)

  • April 21, 2000 - We got married.

  • The rest is history.

That is our proof that online dating can be successful. We testified to and wrote this. It's still posted on their website in their long, long list of success stories:

March 02, 2000

We would like to bear our testimony that LDSSO is the true Internet dating service. We LOVE this service! We LOVE! We LOVE it! So, Melinda and i are engaged to be married on April 21. Cool, huh? Yeah, it is. Let me see, i sent her my first message on November 23 and flew out to CA, (that's 2600 miles) on December 4. We fell crazy in love that weekend. Oh, yeah, we did. Then, she moved out here on January, um, what was it, 26? Yeah. Now she's a mule-driving tour guide, and we're looking forward to getting married and stuff, and all is well. Ok, good luck, all. Rock on.

David and Melinda

Ok. We are slightly embarrassed by that blurb, but I had to post it. It's a fun part of our history. I would definitely be more embarrassed watching myself kissing a guy on national television. I get embarrassed even when it isn't me.


  1. That was hilarious! I had a red flag too while dating Walter. He didn't have a car so he borrowed mine. He even kissed another girl in my car!! DANGIT! I should have noted the red flag. He was also broke, that is why my diamond was a fake...and still is! Someday! :)

  2. So cute. Mike never asked me to marry him- in a letter while he was in Argentina we decided that Dec. 27 was the only day that the Temple was open in Denver so let's go. And wedding rings- we bought at a pawn shop a couple days before- I was so glad that forever Rene was cut down to forever when the ring was sized- whew. I love how we met stories! I especially like that I already had three children and was prego with #4 when you put up your singles thing! Beth

  3. I secretly (or maybe not so secretly) like it when people say they met online. Thats where I met my guy, only we were in a chat room, and he told me he loved me via phone after less than a week (I was shocked). The first time we met he paid for my fill up at the gas station and I was pretty furious. But, I guess it was ok because I said yes to a plastic gumball machine ring. Actually I asked where the real one was when I saw it was fake, and there wasn't one and I was sort of disappointed. But we went shopping together the next morning.

  4. I didn't realize it happened so fast! Er, I'm embarrassed to say that I don't remember when you and David came to San Antonio. I do remember that I got to miss school in order to come out for the wedding.

    My best friend and I met online in a web site competition. It still feels weird trying to explain to people how she and I have never lived in the same state. (Usually people ask if we met in high school. "Er, not really...") We try to visit each other at least once a year or so.

  5. Melinda,
    This is too funny; I remember David telling me about you, and how excited he was! For once he knew things were right! It was soooooooo wonderful to see him so happy! I of course also remember your big day, and I am glad I got to be a part of that; now you just need to post some pictures from the big day! :)

  6. That story is way better than The Bachelor!