Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Happy Day!

I woke up today to some kisses by Rachel. She has learned how to lean forward and touch her lips to mine. With David as a witness, we heard her grunt, "kisses." That was awesome and it made me happy.

Laundry day! I washed, folded, AND put away the clothes all in one day. That made me happy.

Rachel helped me fold. When Track 04, Mama Mia, came on, Rachel looked at me, stood up, and started dancing by turning in circles. That made me super (trouper) happy.

I bleached my shower curtain liner.

I know. It's a picture of a boring white shower curtain liner. But if you had seen the before picture, you would be impressed that I was able to get it white again. That made me happy.

I bleached my white washcloths. They were becoming a dingy orange.

That made me happy.

We took a portion of some rare earnings (which made me happy) this week and ate at McDonald's for dinner. We splurged and bought the kids ice cream cones. While we were there we witnessed 64 ounces of Fruitopia spill on the floor -- 32 oz. by Bradley and 32 oz. by Rachel. We witnessed Jason fall off his chair, smack on the floor, and manage to keep his ice cream cone in hand without touching it to the floor. That made me happy, but I wish I had my camera.

I used the money I saved from not having to buy a new shower curtain liner to optimistically buy three $2 clearance maternity shirts. I'm not pregnant, but there are only 22 more waiting period days for the maternity coverage on our new insurance policy. Those shirts will make me happy when I'm fat and pregnant and wanting new clothes to make me feel pretty.

I asked Wendy this evening on our way upstairs to bed why she was so short. Her reply was, "Cause..... I like it." Apparently she thinks she is in control of her height. That made me smile.

On the way home I saw a gas station with an upside down '8' on their $1.85 price sign. That bothers me. It makes me uncomfortable to see a top heavy 8.

I'm sitting here at 10:11 PM in a quiet house. That makes me happy, but I still have dirty dishes to wash. That makes me cringe.

I would say today was a HAPPY day!

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  1. I am impressed by your bleaching skills. Sounds like a happy day indeed.