Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Keeping it short

I'm going to keep it short tonight. My boys are camping. It's just the girls and me. It's a night I can stick them in a tent in the family room, pop in a Barbie Movie, and do whatever I want. Don't know what yet, but I'll figure something out. I think I'm going to mop the kitchen floor. My floors are disgusting.


  1. I would love a night with just my girl(s)! The other night I made a pizza and as I was taking it out of the oven I dropped it on the floor. I went to RS and told someone about it that night and they said, "but your floors are clean, so you just picked it up, right?!?" HA!! Obviously she has never been in my kitchen! Even at it's cleanest I wouldn't eat off my floor. Too many unknowns at this stage in life!

  2. Hey Melinda,
    You need a dog. Your floors would always be clean. Although you probably wouldn't want to eat off them. lol