Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Pause

I have things to do tonight:

1. clean my kitchen
2. file my taxes
3. read

I'll be back. Meanwhile here is a picture of Jason's bed head:


  1. your kitchen looks clean to me! get back over here and blog!! :) btw, what you readin??? ;) i know it's not what it "should" be, but i can give you a hard time, right??

  2. I'm reading Farmer Boy. I'm at a second grade reading level. But I didn't read a single page. I got distracted trying to do other productive things. I'll be back tomorrow. Don't you worry.

  3. I left a note in my dirty kitchen offering anyone who cleaned it, before school a soda pop. Patrick (the early riser and sugar boy) did everything on the list and will get 4 pops when he gets home. Nothing like kids begging for jobs at 7:30 am because Patrick did them all (put away 6 baskets of laundry, empty/load dishes, sweep kitchen/nook and wash counters.)