Friday, October 31, 2008

Who did it? Where? With what?

We dressed the kids up as murderers this year.

Don't they look threatening?

Was it Mrs. Peacock in the Lounge with the candlestick?

Or Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the rope?

Or Miss Scarlet in the Ballroom with the lead pipe?

Or Mrs. White in the Kitchen with the knife?
(She's wearing a chef's hat, if you can't tell. She's not a nurse.)

Or Mr. Green in the Dining Room with the wrench?
(Isn't he a handsome pot-bellied plumber?)

Or Professor Plum in the Study with the poopy diaper?

We weighed the candy when we got home - This was Jason's 2lb. 10 oz. share.

We collected about 15 lbs. of candy (no poisoned pirate coins), gave out none (we were one of those bah humbug dark homes that you cursed as you walked by as a kid.) So as much as I hate Halloween, I guess it paid off.

I think the best part of the evening was when one neighbor was handing out full sized candy bars. Jason grabbed one so quickly in fear that the man would take the bowl away before he got a chance to take one. Then as Jason walked away he just stared over his shoulder at the neighbor in amazement. I think Jason's thoughts were, "You are the awesomest neighbor EVER!"

Halloween was good this year.

Now, moving on to Thanksgiving...


  1. What a great idea for costumes, totally clever. Just wandering around seeing the sights and enjoying the blog. Thanks for posting such a cute bunch of pictures.

  2. Those are awesome costumes! AND they got to have two costumes this year for Halloween--how fun!