Sunday, October 19, 2008

Primary Program - A Success!

As expected the Primary Program was a success. Bradley's class signed I Am a Child of God (And, no, I did not spell that wrong. They actually silently did sign language as the piano played.) Sarah's class said something in unison. Emily's said, "I like Family Home Evening. It is fun. We learn about the Priesthood and many other things. I like having family prayer and playing games."

I couldn't help but notice that my children are so short. Emily seemed to be on target, but one of the children who is only a couple of weeks older than Sarah is a whole head taller than her! Bradley seemed quite midgety himself. I guess I need to pump some more chicken nuggets into their diet.

Bradley also didn't seem to want to be up there. He yawned several times and did not make much eye contact with me. I think he was avoiding looking at me because he wasn't wearing his tie after I told him over and over this morning not to take it off before the program. Whatever! At least he didn't turn around with his back facing the congregation when he didn't know the words to a song like he did two years ago.

Then our Bishop spoke about how we should be as little children. Good stuff! I'm going to go drink some hot chocolate now with a pile of whip cream on top.

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