Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Just two years ago you popped out in my gaucho pants.

(For full birth story see October 10, 2006.)

Who knew that you would have such crazy hair?
(It's late and I'm too tired to Photoshop out the snot lip and cake crumb on his cheek. This birthday picture comes "as is.")

After I realized that the poor kid has gotten totally jipped with boring plain white Cool Whip frosting birthday cakes for his only two birthdays, I decided to add some Hershey bar pieces. Kids are so easily pleased as is evidenced by an eager sibling's hand! It sure beats buying a $17.00 cake at the grocery store!


  1. He is so cute!! As I looked at my calendar today and realized the date I totally remembered it is Jason's birthday. I'm still jealous you got a boy on the day I wanted a boy to come! Hey, Jason, we are your real family over here! We placed the order first, if only gestation was 12 months long! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Next year I'll send your mom some food coloring so you can have a different color of frosting. :)

  2. I love his crazy hair!!!!!! I just want to rub his little head everytime I see a picture of him! He is quite the cutie! I think you're right about your cake beating a $17 cake; it is hard to pay someone to make a cake, when you spend so much less baking your own. I bought a cake for Braden's first birthday, and decided never again. Since then, I too have opted just to make their cakes, and it is more fun!