Friday, October 03, 2008

The Mysterious Phone Call

Today I received a phone call from a local spa/salon. The man on the phone told me that David's appointment needed to be moved to their spa location instead of the salon location.

What in the world? David better not be getting a massage without telling me.

I questioned him to make sure he was calling the right number because I didn't know of any appointment that my husband, David, had scheduled at a spa/salon. But the man was most confident he called the right number. He said David came in at 10:43 AM to schedule the appointment. Thinking that maybe David got a gift certificate from somewhere for a free massage and decided to redeem it today, I asked the man, "What kind of appointment is it?"

The man replied, "A full back wax."

Hmm. Surely David wouldn't pay his hard earned money to impress me with a back as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom. Doesn't he know I would much prefer flowers or cheesecake?

Now totally confused, I asked the man one more time if he was sure that he called the right number. My husband has a common name and perhaps it got mixed up. But he was adamant and begged me to give David the message to go to the spa and not the salon. I finally just agreed to pass along the message and hung up. I immediately called David at work. No answer. Uh oh. I called his cell phone. He answered and I asked, "Are you getting your back waxed today?"

Silence. "What?"

"Are you getting your back waxed today?"

"Am I getting my back waxed?"


"Um. No. Why?"

"Because I just got a phone call and am supposed to give you the message that the location of your appointment has been changed."

"No. I don't have any appointment."

"That's weird. Are you sure?" I gave him some time to fess up.


At this point I thought someone was playing a joke on my husband. Then worse, I thought for sure that someone stole my husband's identity and was using his credit to get a smooth hairless back for his date with Best Buy to buy a truckload of top of the line electronics. (My luck isn't so hot right now and my thoughts prepare for the worst.)

I hung up with my husband and called the spa. I told them I just received a phone call about my husband's appointment being changed. The woman kindly said, "Oh yes, we need David to go to our spa lo..."

I interrupted and explained that my husband never made an appointment to get his back waxed and that I was afraid that this might be fraud. She put me on hold and when she returned, she calmed my anxiety by telling me that "David" came in earlier to make the appointment. He didn't give a phone number. Our phone number was in the system because of a gift certificate I bought my husband for Christmas almost 5 years ago.

Phew! No identity theft - just another man in town that has the same name as my husband and a hairy back.

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  1. hahaha i thought maybe you were getting punked! :) you should have called back and asked if it was already payed for and then changed it to a massage for yourself! sounds good to me!