Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday at the homestead

Yay! My car oil drain plug was fixed today and I was able to get the oil stain off the driveway with kitty litter. Good as new! Hip hip hooray!

Now a little bit about Rachel. She hasn't learned how to get herself to the sitting position from a laying down position yet. Instead she finds something to hold onto, gets herself to her knees, and then gets herself to standing, and then she gets tired and manages to sit while holding onto something for support (usually a rung of a chair or stool.) The poor thing got so worn out this morning that she konked out in the process. The whole process from laying down, to standing, to sitting, to cranking her head over her shoulder to watch her siblings play behind her took probably about 45 minutes. Of course I couldn't pass up on the picture moment of the prized nap at the end.

I did actually put her in the crib after I took the picture.

Again later this afternoon, under the kitchen table.

Now, this narcoleptic eating is getting to be a little bit of a problem.
(If you're wondering why she is always naked in her high chair, I believe nudity is nature's bib.)

I've been wearing pants this week because of our 67 degree weather. At the end of the day the skin on my legs was stinging so I pulled up my right pant leg to discover this. I was very confused because I didn't recall any cat crawling up my jeans. Then I realized I was suffering the consequences of buying cheap razors all to save $2. Bad. Very bad!


  1. ouch on the legs, but hey, at least you shave!! Walter doesn't understand the nudity bib, so my kids continue to wear clothes while they eat! Rachel is too cute. I love that she always has her fingers in her mouth! I would have just put a pillow around her on the floor, so when she fell over, she could just keep sleeping. Maybe that's why my kids end up with concussions!

  2. Wow, you get to get a shower and shave? I love the pictures of Rachel sleeping in her high chair. Kenny stands up it drives me crazy because then I put him on the floor and he cries because he wants to eat some more. Your family is super cute.

  3. I totally understand the naked bib; Emma won't keep hers on, and on the rare occasion she does, the food still ends up on her clothes. She doesn't care though; Emma prefers to only wear her diaper anyway. I love the pictures of Rachel (SUPER CUTE); it must be nice to fall asleep at will.