Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Simple Rule

I've been trying to teach Bradley that if something is on a shelf that requires a 3 foot stool to climb onto an adjacent stack of bins, shelf, counter, or piano in order to reach that item, then the item is probably put there for a reason, that reason being to STAY OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN! In other words, if the item is within 2 feet of the ceiling, heck, if the item is anywhere that you need a tall stool to get it, then you must ask permission before retrieving it. He doesn't seem to comprehend. This morning he was trying to get his sleeping bag on the top shelf of the closet. Not that a sleeping bag is anything dangerous or breakable, but who wants to roll that thing up and try to stuff it in it's bag tonight? Not me. I have enough other toy tornados and Cheerio spills to clean up.

This is also the kid that I have to repeatedly remind that the bathroom sink is not for recreation and that he should not return with a drenched shirt and wet hair after a simple trip to the potty. Also the kid that will predictably trip and fall while carrying a plate of spaghetti to the dinner table. Also the kid who will accidentally tear a page out of a brand new book while seemingly turning the page gently. Also the kid who tries to freeze everything, such as a AA battery in a cup of orange juice. Also the kid who even makes getting a drink of water from the refrigerator interesting:

I'm going to profoundly miss these days when I'm old. Yes, I'm finding joy in the journey.

I find the Sleep Mode an especially joyful part of the journey.

(Is that not the ugliest sleep pose ever?
It looks like he's looking into the convex side of a spoon.)

I love you, Bradley!

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