Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Fall

There are days that I have so much to say, but by the end of the day I'm just too tired to spit it out on my blog. So this picture by Emily will have to suffice for today:

Ok, I soaked up a tiny bit of energy to tell this story. It was recently recommended to me to check out and a series they run called Real Families, Real Answers. It's a series to help families learn how to become stronger. The website is I watched one episode this evening about protecting family time on There was a professor who talked about how today's society expects you to farm out specific educational activities to other people. For example there was a family who wanted their four year old to have a musical experience so they enrolled her in a Saturday music class. To the disappointment of the parents, the class did not fill so it was cancelled. But then the father thought, "You know, I can play the banjo." And the mother agreed she could sing a bit so they decided to give their children some musical experience at home. The professor telling the story said, "So what they did instead of having music class, was on Tuesday nights to have burritos for dinner and then afterwards they make music."

Hmmm...that's an interesting family tradition. I am assuming those are bean burritos.
(By the way - it's a good series.)


  1. You are tooooo funny! I still remember the first time my mom, usually extremely dignified and well mannered, broke out in song at the dinner table, "Beans, beans..."; I'm sure you know the rest. After the initial shock of what had just come out of her mouth, I got a good laugh! It was just sooooooo out of character for her. On a slightly more serious note, I am really glad you are enjoying the show! :)

  2. i know i'm a slacker, but i like it! :) i keep on thinking, oh that would be great on my blog, but then i forget what it was! dangit! this being 28 is killing me! i'm losing my mind! hahaha jk we watched that show the other night. i like that they spotlight people of other faiths too. ya know, recognizing that they do good things, too! awesome!