Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A quiet house paralyzes me.

Today my husband took his unemployed self, Emily, and Sarah on some errands (hair cut, dentist, chiropractor, oil change, Barnes & Noble, bank, Boy Scout office.) It left me home with only 4 children. It always surprises me how quiet the house is, when even just one child is missing (not naming names.) It was so quiet that I didn't know what to do with myself. Bradley got his school work done extra quickly without distraction. I put Jason and Wendy down for their naps.

(Side note: Kids have no sense. I put Wendy down and she climbed out of the crib and came downstairs five minutes later to tell me she was finished with her nap. Did she actually think I would fall for that? I guess it was worth a try.)

Then Rachel fell asleep in my arms as I sat at my computer learning Chinese. So now I only had one waking child watching Smurfs in the other room. Wow! What do I do? I decided my options were:

1. Get something done, like clean the refrigerator.
2. Take a power nap.

The quiet of the house paralyzed me and I wandered for several minutes trying to decide on the responsible thing to do. I opted to lie down on the couch and drift off for a quick nap while the sounds of Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf, and Smurfette echoed loudly in the background. I think I made a good choice, but now it's time to clean the fridge because tomorrow is trash day.

We would really like a bigger refrigerator.

Oh yes, and the Lube shop stripped our oil plug and now we have a nice puddle of Shell 530 on our driveway because it's leaking. I'm sure there will be 5.5 quarts drained by morning. Grrr!


  1. I had a one child moment today too! I tried to nap, but the child (Trae) seemed to think I didn't need a nap...I needed to wrestle!! Sorry about the oil. On the other hand, your car looks very luxurious from this perspective!

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  3. That's too funny; I was cleaning my fridge yesterday, because I have been putting it off forever! I hate tackling the fridge, so I put it off to the last possible moment. I also understand your desire for a larger fridge. I keep trying to talk Rich into a freezer for the garage, but he has things higher on his priority list, like a GPS. I keep thinking if I keep telling him how much money we could save by having a freezer I will wear him down.