Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogger Pep Talk

Ok, 'yall. I think we have some lazy bloggers out there. Everyday when I sign into Blogger to do my daily post, I anxiously check my Reading List to see what my fellow bloggers have to say about parenting, wifehood, or whatever. But my reading list usually consists of my own posts and a fellow blogger with 7 kids. So let me say this:

If you're too busy to blog, then you're too busy!

I don't care what you write. Tell me about your awful shopping trip to Walmart. Tell me what you cooked for dinner. Tell me what you learned at church. I know you have things to say. You're my connection to the outside world. I'm depending on you!

With that said, I will tell you about my weekly Saturday trip to Walmart. It wasn't all that eventful, until I got to the checkout. Even then it wasn't all that eventful. But it affirmed to me why I dislike shopping there. 1) The conveyor belts are way too short. Super Walmarts should have longer conveyor belts than regular Walmarts. It's a grocery store for goodness sake. 2) The cashier had to manually move the belt with a switch! There are like 43 checkout lanes and only a 1/4 of them are ever opened at one time and they have to open one with a broken automatic conveyor belt? 3) The cashier was handing me my grocery bags before I even finished emptying the items from my cart onto the belt. So I took them and placed them at my feet until I finished emptying the cart. Super Walmart should really have baggers. 4) I use the reusable shopping bags because I like them and the cashier was inefficiently filling them and making them super heavy. 5) What's the point in the circular, lazy susan style bagging station anyway? I'm always fearful of leaving a grocery bag with the most essential items in it at the store because I have done so at least a dozen times. And the spinning bagging station always causes the employees to have to tell my children to watch their fingers because in a child's eyes the thing is a merry-go-round or the Wheel of Fortune . 6) Customer service is extremely below par, but I suppose that is why the prices are so low. 5) The cashier handed me her laminated cardboard cheat sheet to find the scan code for the ginger root I was purchasing because she didn't know what it was.

In my opinion, Walmart has very few redeeming qualities. I do like the tubs of Tollhouse cookie dough which I have not seen at other grocery stores. Hmm...I would have to say that's about it. Other than the cookie dough, it's the low prices that drive me there.

So that was my day. I look forward to the Primary program tomorrow at church. I have 3 children in it this year and I have the challenge of giving them all equal eye contact.


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  2. After enjoying your blog for what seems like eternity, I finally started one of my own. Though I doubt it will be nearly as entertaining as your--hopefully it will give them kids something to look back on and laugh.

  3. hahaha you are killing me!! my excuse this time is my back it out...again!! All I do is lay around ordering the pool boy to get me my bon bons!! Or is it ordering Walter to get me IBU Profen! Either way, I am a slacker and should be beat, but I think I might enjoy a beating a little too much! I'm also looking online A LOT for a house, in SC! Well, we are hoping. Walter really wants this job in Georgia, and it's on the border, so I told him I'd go to SC! :) At least somebody is holding up the blogging world!

  4. I find the fact that you shop at Wal-mart to be a positive trait. It's cheap and has what you need (if not what you want.) But I have to admit, the customer service there has gone from poor to aggresively poor. Maybe I'm just getting older and expect people to not hate me when I'm shopping in their store.