Monday, October 27, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I was in a sour mood today. Mainly because of this:

We had a torrential rainstorm this past Friday. It dumped something like 9 inches of rain in our town. It caused lots of flooding, stalled cars, and apparently this leakage into our home. Blah! I hate stuff like this! I don't quite know what the problem is and I don't know who to call. Anyway, I thought I'd post about it because sometimes I think it's therapeutic. It probably won't seem like such a big deal tomorrow. Perhaps I made your day seem good?

My Rachel hasn't been very good at napping lately. She requires less sleep, but isn't quite ready to give up her 10:30AM nap. Therefore, she remains awake during the afternoon and gets grumpy by dinnertime. Today I couldn't get her to fall asleep so I could make dinner. But this brilliant idea came to my mind:

I put her here and it worked like a charm. It took about 3 minutes for her to fall asleep.


  1. my question is do you keep her there or risk waking her, thus interrupting the free time?

  2. I left her there until dinner preparation was finished. Then I decided to be a good mom and moved her to the crib so I wouldn't feel bad while I ate. Of course she woke up and I put her back in the high chair and she ate nilla wafers for dinner.